About Wi-Fi Access at Community Colleges of Spokane

Community Colleges of Spokane offer the CCS Net wireless network from a number of Wi-Fi Hotspots across both the SCC and SFCC campuses. This network is available to all college employees and students who have network login accounts. These are the accounts you use to log into computers on campus.

Instructions to connect to CCS Net

The links below are for the more common operating systems. These instructions are well tested, but can be very demanding that you follow every step in the procedure. If after trying the instructions, you are still having difficulty, please, call the HelpDesk at 533-HELP (533-4357).

Special notes for Students

We made a recent change to all student accounts. Your login domain is now:


We are working on updating the instructions you can access for the different operating systems. The key change, though, has been that instead of entering your username@bigfoot you now enter your username@bigfoot.spokane.edu

Last updated 01/02/2015