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Welcome to the CCS Student HelpDesk

This is the central repository for Information Technology related questions and topics for Community College of Spokane students. This means, all students at SCC, SFCC or SCC Remote sites taking credit classes. You will find information about getting started with your login, where computers are available on campus, and where to print.

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Student accounts are now in a FEDERATED domain

Your first question in reading the title is likely “What does that mean?”

The short answer is that your student account has been fully linked with your Office 365 account. That means if you change their password in one location, it will change in all of these locations.

With your student account, you get an e-mail address from Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service with the e-mail domain of You also get cloud storage through their SkyDrive program, and cloud access to Office 365.

There are a lot of “moving parts” to this set up. Read more about the details here.

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CCS Net and SCC Wireless Café

The CCS Net is now the wifi network that students should join with the wifi-enabled devices. This is a change especially for SCC students who have used the SCC Wireless Café wifi networks for several years are going away. You may on occasion still see these networks from your wifi devices, but please do not rely upon them – they will soon be gone.

You do need an active college-provided username and password to get connected to the CCS Net wifi network. This is the same username and password that you use to login to a college-owned computer or access your records in the myBigfoot portal.

If you need assistance getting connected to CCS Net, follow this link to the page "About WiFi Access at Community Colleges of Spokane

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Access files from home

Information Technology has multiple conflicting requests to try to balance.

  • With an increasingly mobile workforce, many people (students and employees) need access to their files from remote sites
  • We all have a need to assure that our files and data are secure – only available to those who should have access
  • In a fast-paced world, we all want access like this as easy as possible

In an effort to address these conflicting needs, the CCS IT Services department has developed a new, easier method to access your files from remote sites. The solution is called SSL VPN. You can access your files through a web browser, rather than needing to configure a VPN connection on whichever device you are working from.

Please, note: This access is separate from your Canvas access. If you pick up or turn in materials through Canvas, that has not changed.


Please, note: This access is separate from your Canvas access. If you pick up or turn in materials through Canvas, that has not changed.

For instructions, follow this link.